What will be truly next-gen in gaming?

Episode 21: What will be truly next-gen in gaming?

Once again, we are at the dawn of next generation consoles! Does it still excite you?

Show notes

The Tanders take a deeper look into what makes next-gen, next-gen. With the latest Playstation and Xbox dropping soon, we take a trip down memory lane on some of the consoles of past that got us truly excited.

Here are our main talking points:

  • Remembering major leaps in console generations
  • Let’s all remember, motion controls was supposed to be next-gen
  • Next-gen was supposed to be VR, what happened?
  • What will be truly next-gen for you?
  • Will you be getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X?
  • Rico's latest monitor - https://bit.ly/tandermonitorshop (Shopee) or https://bit.ly/tandermonitor (Lazada)

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