Tander Flash - Our thoughts on the Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda

Episode 16: Tander Flash - Our thoughts on the Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda

Show notes

We started another new format called Tander Flash! In this show, we will be doing 15 minute episodes that discuss all the breaking news, events or scandals in the gaming industry!

For our very first epsiode we discuss the behomoth that is Microsft, flexing their big bucks muscles are buying up studios left and right. Their latest acquisition, Zenimax Media, owners also of Bethesda, ID software, to name a few. In this epsiode we talk about the following:

  • What are the reasons for the acquisition?
  • How will this affect releases on the Playstation platform?
  • Microsoft planning for more studio acquisitions! Who do you think will be next??
  • Will this be good or bad for the industry in the long run?

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