Play to earn games

Episode 32: Play to earn games

Show notes

It's the dream of every tanders! Getting paid to play games! Is this something too good to be true, or can you actually make a living by playing video games (outside esports!)?

Special thanks to Gabby from Yield Guild Games to help us understand what play to earn games is all about. If you want to be part of their scholarship program, make sure to join their Discord server

Talking points:

  • What are play to earn games?
  • It sounds too good to be true?! Can you really earn and make a living from playing video games?
  • When do you think the big developers will adapt the idea of play to earn games?
  • What are the hurdles that need to get over first?
  • What are good games to start with?
  • Can you talk more about Yield Guild Games?

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