Free to play games done right

Episode 17: Free to play games done right

Show notes

The Tanders have recently fallen in love with Warframe lately and this was an inspiration for a podcast topic! We discuss Free to play (F2P) games that are worth your time and maybe your money if you're willing to spend a bit! Here is a run down of the talking points:

Games we've been playing:

James - Talks about his new monitor! A brief review on the Xiaomi 34inch Ultrawide Gaming Monitor. If you would like to buy the same monitor, please use our affiliate link with Lazada: For every successful purchase, we get a small comission and this will go towards to supporting the podcast

Jed - Talks about his new toy also, a Retroid Pocket 2! If you want something similar, you can also try the RG350M. Please use this affiliate link also :)

Jayvee - Quickly talks about Warframe and then goes into a lot more into Portal Knights

RIco - Trying to fit in with the kids nowadays, takes a crack at Among Us

Main topic talking points:

  • What was your first F2P game that got you hooked and invested a lot of time in playing?
  • What was the worst F2P game you played?
  • Some F2P mechanics to watch out for:
  • Grind mechanics
  • Monetization practices (is it Play to win?)
  • Gacha / Loot box systems
  • How will F2P games fare vs Premium games in the Pandemic economy
  • Why do you play F2P games? Besides the low low cost of Free!
  • What are your most highly recommended Free to play games?

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